January 31st 2018

Here is proof that Camry owners are ballers! I'll provide a little context to this video. A group of guys get together and play basketball waaaaaay to early on Tuesday mornings. Pretty competitive game, with a running clock. We play to the buzzer. Tuesday morning, the shooter's team was down by one with literally down by one-point with seconds left. A couple of missed shots to put the game away, and then...THE MIRACLE. The shooter drives a 2012 Toyota Camry XLE that he bought brand new from us here at Royal South Toyota. And while I don't know if this is evidence enough to prove that all Camry owners are absolute ballers, it does certainly speak to this specific Camry owner's ability to just...GET...BUCKETS.

Remember, if you're looking for a ballin' deal on a new Camry, check with Royal South Toyota. Dealership of choice for ballers like this guy!

-Andy Long

General Manager