2015 Toyota 4Runner Bloomington, IN

Towing Capacity

4,700 lbs.

Engine Options

4.0L V6 270 hp 278 lb-ft.


Four-star NHTSA safety rating.


Reclining second row seats.

Standard Features

8-way adjustable seats, high resolution touch screen.

Fuel Economy

17 City/22 Hwy

Toyota Capability

Are you a driver that likes to find new places off the beaten path, go biking or hiking, or maybe you just want to feel safe when you have to brave a storm on your way to work? Likely an SUV is the right vehicle for you and there isn’t one that does a better job of keeping you moving than the 2015 Toyota 4Runner in Bloomington, IN. It offers superior performance and functionality for drivers that find themselves in rough weather or on tough terrain. More Advanced drivers will appreciate the skid plates and TRD Pro trim.

The 4Runner has the option for four-wheel drive with active traction control and a few other impressive capability features. KDSS/CRAWL mode offers optimal traction in uneven terrain by adjusting the suspension for better wheel articulation while at the same time automatically modulating the throttle and brake on five speed settings. Depending on the terrain you find yourself on you can choose from four modes for optimal traction in various settings. To add further confidence to the drive, the Toyota has a locking rear differential that ensures predictable output by ensuring that both rear wheels move at the same speed, even when one is off the ground.

Interested in a 2015 Toyota 4Runner?
2015 Toyota 4Runner Bloomington, IN

The Rugged Toyota 4Runner

The 4Runner has plenty to offer in terms of a rugged exterior and capable features that help you find your way over various types of terrain. It unsurprisingly has an interior that offers a style in keeping with this idea, though it does surprise you with how much technology and comfort you will find. The Entune infotainment offers audio, an app suite, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and is controlled with a high-resolution touch-screen display.

The 4Runner also provides plenty of room for passengers and cargo along with leather seating and dual-zone climate control. Though the exterior is rough, you will find a plush interior that will keep you feeling relaxed and in control with intuitive controls and one of the most conversational voice command systems.