2016 Toyota Prius v Bloomington, IN

2016 Toyota Prius v Bloomington, IN

When you pursue an active lifestyle, but want to experience optimal fuel efficiency, you may feel like you have no ideal vehicle options. You could go with the classic Toyota Prius and its amazing fuel economy, but it doesn’t have enough cargo space. Or perhaps you could choose the hybrid variation of the Toyota RAV4, but you find it just a little too big and you would like to enjoy an even better fuel efficiency. Put your frustrations aside and consider this perfect solution: the 2016 Toyota Prius v that is available near Bloomington, IN!
The 2016 Toyota Prius v is the largest model in the Prius lineup. Thanks to its extended length and curved form, it looks like miniature SUV, and many drivers find the hybrid to be just the right size while offering a superior fuel economy. If you have an active and growing family, the 2016 Toyota Prius v is a great option because of its roomy interior. Behind the rear seats is 34 cubic feet of cargo volume, which can easily carry backpacks and after-school gear. The cargo space can be increased to 67 cubic feet when the rear seats are collapsed.


A 98 horsepower/134 net horsepower 1.8L DOHC VVT-i with EV/ECO/POWER Modes rests under the hood of the 2016 Toyota Prius v.


The 2016 Toyota Prius v is considered to be very environmentally friendly thanks to its Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV) classification.

Fuel Economy

Drivers will experience a 44 mpg-city/40 mpg-highway fuel economy, and a 476-mile highway distance capability with one tank (11.9 gallons) of fuel.

2016 Toyota Prius v in the driveway
2016 Toyota Prius v being loaded with luggage
Interior of 2016 Toyota Prius v
2016 Toyota Prius v passengers using Entune

2016 Toyota Prius v Entertainment Features

Not only is the 2016 Toyota Prius v spacious and environmentally friendly, it is incredibly fun for its passengers on both the daily commute and long-distance road trips. The beloved Entune infotainment system comes standard in all trims—complete with an AM/FM CD player, iPod connectivity, a USB port, a backup camera, hands-free phone use, and more!

Depending on which trim you choose, road tripping and finding your way around new cities will be a lot easier when the Entune infotainment system is upgraded to include navigation and research (traffic, nearby restaurants, fuel prices, weather forecasts, etc.) capabilities!

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