2020 Toyota Prius Bloomington IN

Walk onto any automotive lot here in the United States today and you’re bound to find at least one hybrid model lineup. In fact, now that the 2020 model year is in full swing, you’re going to find a vast array of hybrid lineups on automotive lots all over the country. That’s because hybrid models have become more and more popular each and every new model year. And that popularity is thanks to Toyota starting it all two decades ago.

That’s because that’s when Toyota released its first new Toyota Prius here in the United States – the Prius that led us all to the hybrid haven we enjoy today. So, if you’re looking into purchasing a new hybrid, you’re going to want to purchase the new hybrid that started it all, the new hybrid that continues to be one of the most fuel efficient vehicles in the world – the 2020 Toyota Prius here at Royal South Toyota in Bloomington, IN.

Interested in a 2020 Toyota Prius?

Examining the Hybrid Powertrain that Allows the 2020 Toyota Prius Lineup at Royal South Toyota in Bloomington IN Get Well Over 50 Miles Per Gallon

Yes, you read that correctly – the 2020 Toyota Prius lineup here at Royal South Toyota in Bloomington, IN, can get you well over 50 miles per gallon. In fact, the 2020 Toyota Prius lineup can get you up to 58 miles per gallon in the city and up to 53 miles per gallon on the highway – equaling a combined gas mileage rating of up to 56 miles per gallon.

The 2020 Prius lineup is able to achieve these impressive gas mileage ratings thanks to its hybrid powertrain that’s made up of an Atkinson Cycle 1.8-liter DOHC 4-cylinder engine, a permanent magnet AC synchronous motor, and one of two hybrid battery pack choices – a nickel-metal hydride battery or a lithium-ion battery.

And you’re getting those impressive gas mileage ratings without have to sacrifice power, as the 2020 Prius lineup features power ratings of up to 121 horsepower and 105 pound-feet of torque.

You’re also not sacrificing interior space by going with a 2020 Toyota Prius, as the lineup features 93.1 cubic-feet of passenger space and 27.4 cubic-feet of cargo space.

For more on the 2020 Toyota Prius lineup, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly Royal South Toyota staff here in Bloomington, IN.