Royal South Toyota

June 22, 2018

Custom Work

Custom work at Royal South Toyota

Most customers don't really appreciate the artistry that lives here at the Royal South Toyota Collision Repair Center.  They know that when their vehicle is wrecked, they bring it here to our Collision Repair Center to be fixed.  They drop it off, or have it towed...and then days later they come and pick it up.  WaLa!  Their vehicle looks like new again!  But there are lots of steps, behind the scenes, that get those wrecked vehicles back together.  An incredible amount of teamwork goes into taking a wrecked or damaged vehicle and getting it back in tip top shape.

Our team works the bents, kinks, and rips in the metal like potters working clay.  We mold it, bend it, smooth it, repair it like artists.  Industry insiders often comment that metal working in a collision repair shop is more artistry than technical know-how.  But I think it is a mix of both, for sure.  Once the metal and plastic trim pieces are repaired/replaced, then we send it to be painted.  Our painters use a mix of very sophisticated   And after a little bit of magic, and whole lot of talent, the vehicle is repaired and looking brand new.

Here are some snap shots of an example of this type of artistry.  One of our technicians shared these pictures with me.  He took an old motorcycle, stripped it down, reworked the metal components, re-styled them, and then painted the whole motorcycle bright green!  I love it!  This is the side of the collision repair center that our customers don't often see--these guys are true artists!  They have talent and an eye for design that few of us can match.  I love it!!!

- Andy Long
General Manager