Royal South Toyota

March 1, 2018

Our Man, Rod!

I've mentioned in previous posts that the Car Biz doesn't have the best reputation for honesty, trustworthiness, etc.  There are a lot of reasons for that--but one I think is the easiest to fix is that most of our customers don't know us personally.  Buying a vehicle from a stranger can be uncomfortable!  And if all you've heard about the Car Biz, or car dealerships, is that "you can't trust them" or "there are some bad apples out there", then you're gonna have your guard up.  Customers who haven't been to Royal South Toyota tend to be a little wary of our staff, wary of the buying process in general, and that makes interacting with our team more difficult.   

I've always thought--if a customer can just get to know our staff members, and see them as real people (and not just an anonymous salesman), then the experience would be way more pleasant.  Buying a vehicle from someone you know is always preferred over buying from a stranger.  That's why we get some many referrals.  So, this post is meant to introduce you to one of my staff members.  I'll probably do more of these over the next few months because I think it is so important to know who is on my staff at Royal South Toyota.  We're ranked in the top #3 of our entire region in customer service--usually fighting for that #1 spot--for a reason!  We have an awesome team who know how to provide great customer service.

So...our first staff member to get a feature post on this live journal is Rod Bridges!  Rod is Navy Veteran and former government contractor.  He's been on our sales staff for several years now.  Since joining #TeamRoyal, Rod has become a big time Toyota Truck enthusiast.  He LOVES helping customers look at Toyota Trucks (Tacoma and Tundra) as well as SUV's, like 4Runner and the now discontinued Toyota FJ Cruiser.  You want someone who knows a Tacoma inside and out? Rod does.  You want someone who is experienced at building custom trucks and suv's?  Rod does that.  You want someone who actually takes his own vehicle off road to tell you about the performance specs of a vehicle you're considering?  Rod is the man!  Rod's passion for custom builds has helped him meet some pretty cool customers (average joe's to retired MLB All-Stars), and he would love to talk to you about creating your dream ride.  Whether it is adding a lift kit and custom tires, or doing a full mod to create an off-road beast--Rod is ready!

You want proof Rod loves Toyota Off-Road Capable Vehicles?  Check out his FJ Cruiser!!

Our Man, Rod!
Our Man, Rod!

Not only is Rod a military vet, hard working, and SUPER knowledgeable about all things 4WD, but he is also a New Orleans inspired chef!  His lucky co-workers, myself included, get to sample his delicious food quite often.  I can't image a co-worker who has provided more home-cooked meals for his team in the entire city!  The MAN CAN COOK!  (Be Watch Out--he looooooves the hot sauce.  He has a tolerance for peppers and spice that most normal folks can't handle.  Whew, look out!)  Check out these pics of MEALS BY ROD!

Our Man, Rod!

So the next time you come by Royal South Toyota, keep an eye out for Rod!  When you see him, say "hi".  He'd love to help you find your next vehicle, but would also just as soon give you cooking tips for how to spice up your next meal!

Our Man, Rod!

- Andy Long
General Manager