Royal South Toyota

March 19, 2018

Pets Welcome

For a long time now, Royal South Toyota has had a "Pets Welcome" policy.  I don't think we post it anywhere, but we welcome pets into the customer lounge or showroom.  In today's culture, it is sometimes good to clearly state your company's policy on something like that--so here it is: Pets Welcome!  Some of our favorite visitors are four-legged ones.

Many of our sales team members stop by with their pets. This is Josh! He is a member of our sales team --an expert in Hybrid and Toyota Safety Sense Technologies. This is Leo! Always a pleasure to have a well behaved dog in the showroom. Hish says the ThunderVest is helpful for that behavior. If you stop by with your pet, let us know! We'd love to say "Welcome to Royal South!"

- Andy Long
General Manager

Pets Welcome