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Royal South Toyota has gotten to this point because we are always willing to change and we welcome the suggestions from our customers. After all, it’s really you that is in charge of how things work around the dealership. If we weren’t so flexible, we wouldn’t last long.

If you have had any dealings with us, it doesn’t matter if you purchased a single spark plug from the parts department or purchased a fleet of cars, we want to know how we can do better.

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Mary Depew, Ellettsville, IN 19 Oct 2018
Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with the General Manager of Royal South Toyota (Andy Long), who spent an hour with me explaining the computer diagnostic testing that was done on our car recently. I understand now, a lot better, what is involved when they do a thorough computerized diagnostic... testing of our car. I left Royal South feeling much better about our car -- and also 100% satisfied with their delicious coffee, popcorn, and Andy Long helping me so carefully!! Show more
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Mary Beth Hannah-Hansen, Bloomington, IN 30 Jul 2018
I want to let everyone at Royal South Toyota know that I filled out my Toyota service survey with all truly exceptional remarks; and here are the reasons why: I would like to mention my phone call with Mike Ellett when I set up the appointment. I was concerned because a warning light had come on, an...d as he and I discussed the possible causes, his message to me was "be safe!" Exceptional, don't you think? Also, when Jim Brewer checked me in the next day, after I listed what I needed, he was quick to make sure I had told him everything. He was so reassuring. I have appreciated the service at Royal South Toyota very much. I also appreciate the fact I have only gotten two tanks of gas in my 2017 Prius Prime since purchasing it from Royal South on January 29, 2018!! Show more
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Drew Severns, Prairie Village, KS 15 Jun 2018
Andy Long and his team at Royal South Toyota have done it again! This is the second car we've bought from the Royal team in three years and my wife and I are confident more will be in our future. Their team is patient, attentive, and very knowledgeable. I also appreciated how the driver who delivere...d our car all the way to Kansas City was communicative and kind throughout our transaction once we met. Consider us Raving Fans! Thanks again, you guys rock!! Show more
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Crystal & Michael Howell Beck, Bloomington, IN 13 Jun 2018
We are loving our new Rav4!! Thank you Josh Bings (our sales rep) and everyone at Royal South Toyota!! We bought our Corolla there too and we visit on Saturday, regularly, for the complimentary car washes. We used to have another mechanic in town (who was great), but when we bought our Prius, we sta...rted going to Royal South Toyota for service because our mechanic just wasn’t a hybrid expert. We’ve been VERY pleased by their work, and their customer service is always super!! Show more
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Douglas Long, Bedford, IN 12 Jun 2018
Royal South Toyota is the best dealership I have ever bought a car from!! They gave me a very fair trade deal and worked with me to lower my monthly car payments; then handed me the keys to a brand new 2018 Toyota Rav4 LE AWD. I'm ecstatic!! Thank you again Andy, Larry, Jack, Scott -- and Royal Sout...h Toyota. That was a 5-star sales experience (in every way) and was much appreciated!! Show more
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Very Satisfied Customers, Bloomington, IN 07 Jun 2018
Glowing report about my recent sales experience at Royal South Toyota: Andy Long alerted me to the value of my 2007 4Runner Limited, and invited me to seek an assessment of its trade-in value. He was not on duty when I sought an appraisal, but Josh Bings arranged that and showed me the 2018 4Runner ...Limited and TRD. I liked the TRD, and Brian Fiegle invited me to drive it for a day, and to show it to my spouse (and potential co-driver). Then Dave Dove walked me calmly and carefully through the process of purchasing the 2018 Toyota 4Runner TRD, and Scott Lee helped me with the final financial paperwork. From my point of view, this was a great team effort. All of the Royal South personnel were focused on my satisfaction. None claimed credit for themselves; each acknowledged the contributions of the others to the process. As a result this was a very pleasant experience – and as much as I enjoyed my 2007 4Runner Limited, I’m ECSTATIC about my 2018 4Runner TRD!! I should add that I was especially grateful to have such a good experience on a very tight timetable, which was dictated by travel plans. I appeared for an estimate on my 2007 4Runner Limited on a Thursday afternoon, and by Saturday noon I was the proud owner of a 2018 4Runner TRD. Dave Dove was instrumental in concluding the official business in a very timely manner, after Scott Lee laid the groundwork for favorable financing. I should say, too, that Andy was not part of the negotiations, but he was instrumental in bringing me to the table. I had just had my 2007 4Runner serviced when he alerted me to the potential trade-in value of my vehicle, and the applicability of up to $500 of its recent repairs toward the price of a new vehicle. We corresponded, and I was impressed by his outreach. Andy was not on duty when I appeared for an appraisal of my vehicle, but Josh very capably filled in, all the while acknowledging Andy's initiative. He showed me the new Limited, which I found more luxurious than utilitarian, and then let me test drive the TRD. It really impressed me as a sport UTILITY vehicle, which is what I wanted. Brian then generously suggested that I take the vehicle overnight to share it with my spouse, another potential driver. My spouse and I drove it together. She was impressed, and saw how enthused I was -- the sale was made, and everyone at Royal South then made it happen on our timetable. I have purchased three other vehicles here in Bloomington during our 38 years of residence, and this was by far the least stressful and most enjoyable experience I've had. Show more
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Jim Fish, Bloomington, IN 06 Jun 2018
I was very pleased with the work of your body shop employees on the repairs on my Tundra. Chasity Bradley, who works at the front desk in the body shop, went out of her way to help me with a rental car after my insurance company dropped the ball and didn't notify Hertz about a rental. Her help was m...uch appreciated. It is the people you have working at Royal South Toyota such as Jeff May, Denny Allender, Mike Ellett, and Chasity Bradley that keep me coming back. They do not hesitate to go above and beyond to help with any problems that occur. Thank you again! Show more
Joan Freeman, Ellettsville, IN 10 May 2018
My thanks to the Royal South Toyota salesman and lot porter who happened to be over at the Royal Mazda/Volvo dealership this past Saturday afternoon at around 3:30pm. I purchased a new Mazda3 from Royal Mazda a couple of months ago and brought it in for a complimentary car wash after I got off work.... The salesman flagged down the lot porter and then told me to bring my Mazda3 around to the back of the Royal South Toyota dealership – and they would wash my car for me; which they did! I didn’t notice the sign that showed car wash hours from 10-2 on Saturdays. Despite the hours, they washed my car including the front floor mats which had some mud on them! These Royal employees were so nice when I apologized for not knowing the hours; said, “it’s okay -- no big deal”, and did my floor mats on their own initiative!! Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and courtesy! Show more
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Mary Beth Hannah-Hansen, Bloomington, IN 26 Apr 2018
Being at a collision center is never my first choice; but I can't fully express what a positive experience I had with the Collision Center at Royal South Toyota. Someone backed into my not-yet-three-months-old 2017 Prius Prime and did over a thousand dollars worth of damage. I immediately took it to... the Royal South Collision Center where Denny calmly explained what it would take to get it back to pristine condition. When the insurance company involved gave the go-ahead, I got a call telling me the parts were in. When I took my car in on Monday, Denny followed up that afternoon with a call to update me on the progress. When I picked it up yesterday afternoon, I was so pleased in many respects. I was especially pleased with how I was treated throughout the whole process. Thank you again!! Show more
Kaden Lee, Bloomington, IN 16 Apr 2018
I had a great experience while servicing my vehicle at Royal South Toyota on April 4, 2018! Thanks a lot for the help from each one of your professionals. Passing on my special thanks to Michael Ellett! Once again, my sincerity and deep appreciation for your help and support. I also want see more pe...ople coming to your dealership to experience for themselves such great quality of service! Thank you again!! Show more
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