January 12, 2018

SNOW DAY @ Royal South Toyota

Brad, Executive VP, always a snappy dresser, breaks out the original NorthFace snow pants and an ice breaker to clear off the walkway to the main entrance.

Friends will often ask, "So what do you guys do when it snows really hard? Do you hire a snow removal company? Do you close for the day?"

Royal South Toyota, has never, to my knowledge, closed for snow. In fact, Mr. Royal tells a story of a crazy winter's day back in 1978, when a blizzard dropped feet of snow in Bloomington, and the only employees to make it work that day were, Mr. Royal, his Sales Manager, and his lot porter, Billy! (Side note: Billy's still with Royal, one of the longest tenured employees we have!) The snow was so deep, it took Billy nearly 4 hours to get to work--but he made it! Mr. Royal places a lot of importance of being open, regardless of weather, so that we can service customers who may be brave enough, or desperate enough, to come to the dealership in such weather. If there is 2 feet of snow outside, and you make your way to the Royal South--we're gonna be ready to help you!

Cole, the Lot Porter, uses a leaf blower to clean off the best selling hybrid in America, the Prius.

Monday and Tuesday of this week were spent shoveling, clearing, blowing snow and ice off vehicles and the parking lot. Ice breakers, leaf blowers, hand warmers, the venerable old plow truck--all swung into action this week to get the lot ready for any customer who braved the cold and showed up! I'm proud of our team--sales staff members, office staff, lot porters, and technicians all grabbed shovels to help. It is an interesting facet of the car business--when we get snow, our sales team breaks out the shovels. Imagine the same staff who dress up in suits and wingtips during the week, bundled up in snow gear shoveling snow! I love that about this business. While is can be exhausting, I do love the comradery that it builds on our team.

So know that ROYAL SOUTH TOYOTA will be open, no matter how much it snows!

- Andy Long
General Manager