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A big, juicy turkey all ready to be carved

Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving Dinner in Bloomington, IN

What Are the Best Places for Thanksgiving Dinner in Bloomington?

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that people wait for with bated breath. It is a celebration of the little things in life and being grateful for them. Thanksgiving is a reminder of all the good things in our lives and how we get to share them with our loved ones. Therefore, it becomes imperative to come together with family and friends in a joyous union and mark the day with food, drinks, and laughter galore. That said, if you are looking to celebrate Thanksgiving in Bloomington this year, this entry might be a good read. Read this blog to find the best places for Thanksgiving dinner in Bloomington, IN. And while you are at that, check our inventory at Royal South Toyota to find the Toyota of your choice!

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The Process of Buying a Car in the Pandemic Has Changed and How!

What Must You Know About Buying a Car in the Pandemic?

The pandemic has changed our lives in unimaginable ways. Industries across every vertical have started operating on different dynamics. Consumer behavior has changed, and the online buying phenomenon has seen a new revolution. The automotive industry, like every other industry, has also undergone massive changes. The sale of used cars has gone up and the process of purchasing a car has changed too. That said, there are a few things you must know about buying a car in the pandemic. Read this entry to know all about it and plan your next purchase with Royal South Toyota in Bloomington, IN.

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A blackboard with the words "Back to School" written over it

Some Safe Driving Tips to Keep in Mind While Going Back to School

What Are Some Safe Driving Tips to Follow While Going Back to School?

Summer is over and it is that time of the year when students need to get back to school. However, given that fall is here, the roads are extra treacherous. Therefore, it is imperative that wards and students who drive to school, follow some safe driving tips. As we move further through the season, the roads are going to get icy, slippery, and perilous. Therefore, one must take extra caution especially near the school zones given that they are going to bustling with people. That said, read the rest of this article to find some safe driving tips to follow while going back to school. Also, check our inventory at Royal South Toyota in Bloomington, IN to find your favorite Toyota car.

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Big Deals on New Toyota Cars, Trucks and SUVs Available Now at Royal South Toyota in Bloomington IN

Save Big on a New Toyota In and Around Bloomington IN

Everybody loves a good sale. And everybody loves a new Toyota. So, what happens when you combine those two things? Well, you get the big sale going on now through March 31 on new Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs right here at Royal South Toyota. So, just how much can you save on a new Toyota in and around Bloomington, IN? Well, you can find that out right here by checking out the video below.

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Are There Food Banks in Bloomington IN that Need My Help This Holiday Season?

2 Bloomington IN Food Banks that Need Donations

There are a lot of things we take for granted in life, including having enough food on our tables each and every day. But there are many in our community who are not as fortunate – who spend sleepless nights wondering if they’re going to have enough food for their families the next day. They worry about their children going to school with empty stomachs. They worry about having to decide whether to spend their money on bills or food – because they don’t have enough for both. Thankfully, there are ways we can help those families not have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from. We can help them fill their children’s bellies so they can go to school thinking only about learning and not about their empty stomach. And we can do these things by helping out these two Bloomington, IN, food banks that need donations.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Bloomington Craft Beer Festival Right Here in Bloomington IN

Bloomington Craft Beer Festival Date, Time and Location Info

Spring is in bloom and summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get ready for some of our favorite Bloomington, IN, events and festivals. And one of our favorites – as long as everyone is celebrating responsibly and has a designated driver or other mode of transportation home – is the Bloomington Craft Beer Festival. That’s right, the most refreshing and exciting way to support Indiana brewers is almost upon us. But when exactly is the Bloomington Craft Beer Festival? And where exactly is the Bloomington Craft Beer Festival? You can find all of that info right here as we go over everything you need to know regarding the date, time and location of the Bloomington Craft Beer Festival. Read the rest of this entry >>

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How Can I Become a Park Ambassador in Bloomington IN?

Help Protect Our Bloomington Parks as a Park Ambassador

We’re blessed with a multitude of beautiful parks here in Bloomington, IN, but keeping those parks as beautiful and family friendly as they are is no easy task. In fact, a whole lot of work goes into the upkeep of our Bloomington parks. And the City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department can’t do it alone, which is why we’ve got the Park Ambassador program. This volunteer program helps keep our parks clean and open to the public, and it makes it incredibly easy to help protect our Bloomington parks as a Park Ambassador. Read the rest of this entry >>

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What’s Going On for New Year’s Eve 2019 in Bloomington IN?

New Year’s Eve 2019 Events In and Around Bloomington IN

As we reach the midpoint of December, people’s calendars are beginning to rapidly fill up with holiday parties, family gatherings and New Year’s Eve celebrations. That’s not surprising, considering the vast amount of holiday fun to be had right here in Bloomington, IN. But how do you know which holiday and New Year’s festivals and events will be the most fun? To make sure you don’t miss a second of all of the fun going on, here’s a listing of the New Year’s Eve 2019 events taking place in and around Bloomington, IN. Read the rest of this entry >>