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Refuel Your 2022 Toyota Mirai

Video: Know How to Refuel the 2022 Toyota Mirai

How to Refuel Your 2022 Toyota Mirai

With many incredible features, the 2022 Toyota Mirai redefines innovation and performance. Its impressive hardware improvements and hydrogen refueling make the 2022 Mirai remarkably easy to refuel. Continue reading this blog that features the video on how to refuel your 2022 Toyota Mirai. Join the team of Royal South Toyota in Bloomington, IN, as we explore more about the Toyota Mirai refueling process.

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mechanic working on the Toyota Valvetrain

Toyota Explains How The Valvetrain Works

Toyota Engine Valvetrain Working Explanation 

When our car is damaged, we usually open the hood to investigate. The unfortunate reality is that most people have no idea what to do next. We should compile a list of general engine components, as this will be useful later. The instructive video from Toyota USA is being brought to you by Royal South Toyota in Bloomington, IN! To have a better grasp of how a valvetrain works, watch this video. 

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Tips to increase fuel efficiency in a vector image picturization

Save Money By Following These Tips to Increase Fuel Economy of Your Car in Bloomington, IN.

Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency of Your Car in Bloomington IN 

Even though top car manufacturers are attempting to create more fuel-efficient automobiles than ever, Fuel efficiency has gradually become the sole decision-maker in the destiny of popular models, surpassing the significance that pricing once held. After all, no average customer wants to spend their hard-earned cash on an automobile that only gets a single-digit mpg. While we cannot change the price of gas, we can provide you with some tips on improving the fuel economy of your vehicle. The Royal South Toyota in Bloomington, IN, will be giving you tips to increase the fuel efficiency of your car.  

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Interior of the 2022 Toyota Prius

Video Overview: Toyota’s Latest Audio Multimedia System

Watch this Video Explaining Toyota’s Latest Audio Multimedia System

Who doesn’t love having a premier multimedia system in their cars? Something that would make the long hauls slightly less boring and a journey to look forward to? Fortunately, Toyota excels in this department. The multimedia system of Toyota is worth going gaga over. Do not believe us? Watch this video explaining Toyota’s latest audio multimedia system and head over to Royal South Toyota in Bloomington, IN, to find the Toyota of your choice in our inventory.

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An automobile service person tending to a car's engine

Maintaining Your Car’s Engine in Winter

How Can You Maintain Your Car’s Engine in Winter?

Winter is well on its way, and with that, roads are about to turn icier than ever. The air enveloping us is getting chillier, and days are getting shorter. Therefore, if you have a car parked in your garage, it might be time to inspect its parts. With the drop in temperature, parts of vehicles start showing signs of trouble. Your engine might refuse to start, and your tires might need an overhaul. That said, if you are interested in finding out how you can maintain your car’s engine in winter, this might be a good read. And once done, look at our inventory for the latest Toyota models at Royal South Toyota in Bloomington, IN.

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A young woman smiling in her car while showing off her new car's keys

Buying a Car for the First Time? These Tips Might Come Handy

What Are a Few Tips for First-Time Car Buyers?

More often than not, first-time car buyers find themselves overwhelmed at the whole process of researching cars and then finally purchasing one. There is so much to learn and decide. What type of engine must they go for, which car fits the budget, which car has the best safety, and several other things! If you are a first-time buyer too, you could use some help. Read the rest of this entry to learn about a few tips for first-time car buyers. And while you are that, look at our inventory for the new Toyota models at Royal South Toyota in Bloomington, IN.

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side view of a red 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime

How to Set Up Alexa on Your Toyota Entune™ App?

Steps for Connecting Alexa on Your Toyota Entune™ App

Toyota is well-known for its cutting-edge interaction technology on the infotainment system. The Toyota+Alexa App brings Amazon Alexa connectivity right into your vehicle via Bluetooth connection. With Amazon Alexa, you can ask to play your favorite music, hear the news, listen to audiobooks, find parking, check the weather, get directions, start your car, lock or unlock the doors, check the fuel level, and more to enhance your driving experience. Watch this video here at Royal South Toyota to get an understanding of how to set up the Alexa on your Toyota Entune™ App for both Android and iOS devices. 

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