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Planning a Road Trip? These Tips Will Help You

What are Things to Keep in Mind Before Going on a Road Trip?  

Road trips are some of the best ways to have fun and relax. However, they are not without their difficulties. From getting lost to driving long hours, many things can go wrong. To help you plan such a trip, the Royal South Toyota dealership in Bloomington, IN, presents you with a blog post that will tell you things to keep in mind. Read ahead to know more about it!  

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mechanic working on the Toyota Valvetrain

Toyota Explains How The Valvetrain Works

Toyota Engine Valvetrain Working Explanation 

When our car is damaged, we usually open the hood to investigate. The unfortunate reality is that most people have no idea what to do next. We should compile a list of general engine components, as this will be useful later. The instructive video from Toyota USA is being brought to you by Royal South Toyota in Bloomington, IN! To have a better grasp of how a valvetrain works, watch this video. 

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Save Money By Following These Tips to Increase Fuel Economy of Your Car in Bloomington, IN.

Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency of Your Car in Bloomington IN 

Even though top car manufacturers are attempting to create more fuel-efficient automobiles than ever, Fuel efficiency has gradually become the sole decision-maker in the destiny of popular models, surpassing the significance that pricing once held. After all, no average customer wants to spend their hard-earned cash on an automobile that only gets a single-digit mpg. While we cannot change the price of gas, we can provide you with some tips on improving the fuel economy of your vehicle. The Royal South Toyota in Bloomington, IN, will be giving you tips to increase the fuel efficiency of your car.  

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Follow these Tips to Keep Your Car Tires at the Prime of their Condition

What are Some Tips to Follow to Maintain Your Car Tires?

One of the most important parts of any car is its tires. They are in constant contact with the road, and the friction could lead to them wearing out sooner than you had expected. That is why it is imperative to keep a weather eye on the condition of the tires and do what is required of you to help them last longer. In this blog entry by Royal South Toyota, we have enlisted some tips that you can follow to maintain your car tires. Continue reading and visit our dealership in Bloomington, IN, to find the Toyota of your choice.

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Interior of the 2022 Toyota Prius

Video Overview: Toyota’s Latest Audio Multimedia System

Watch this Video Explaining Toyota’s Latest Audio Multimedia System

Who doesn’t love having a premier multimedia system in their cars? Something that would make the long hauls slightly less boring and a journey to look forward to? Fortunately, Toyota excels in this department. The multimedia system of Toyota is worth going gaga over. Do not believe us? Watch this video explaining Toyota’s latest audio multimedia system and head over to Royal South Toyota in Bloomington, IN, to find the Toyota of your choice in our inventory.

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An automobile service person tending to a car's engine

Maintaining Your Car’s Engine in Winter

How Can You Maintain Your Car’s Engine in Winter?

Winter is well on its way, and with that, roads are about to turn icier than ever. The air enveloping us is getting chillier, and days are getting shorter. Therefore, if you have a car parked in your garage, it might be time to inspect its parts. With the drop in temperature, parts of vehicles start showing signs of trouble. Your engine might refuse to start, and your tires might need an overhaul. That said, if you are interested in finding out how you can maintain your car’s engine in winter, this might be a good read. And once done, look at our inventory for the latest Toyota models at Royal South Toyota in Bloomington, IN.

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Buying a Car for the First Time? These Tips Might Come Handy

What Are a Few Tips for First-Time Car Buyers?

More often than not, first-time car buyers find themselves overwhelmed at the whole process of researching cars and then finally purchasing one. There is so much to learn and decide. What type of engine must they go for, which car fits the budget, which car has the best safety, and several other things! If you are a first-time buyer too, you could use some help. Read the rest of this entry to learn about a few tips for first-time car buyers. And while you are that, look at our inventory for the new Toyota models at Royal South Toyota in Bloomington, IN.

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Some Safe Driving Tips to Keep in Mind While Going Back to School

What Are Some Safe Driving Tips to Follow While Going Back to School?

Summer is over and it is that time of the year when students need to get back to school. However, given that fall is here, the roads are extra treacherous. Therefore, it is imperative that wards and students who drive to school, follow some safe driving tips. As we move further through the season, the roads are going to get icy, slippery, and perilous. Therefore, one must take extra caution especially near the school zones given that they are going to bustling with people. That said, read the rest of this article to find some safe driving tips to follow while going back to school. Also, check our inventory at Royal South Toyota in Bloomington, IN to find your favorite Toyota car.

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Traveling During COVID-19

Travel Essentials for Safe Travel During COVID-19

Traveling During COVID-19? Carry These Travel Essentials with You

The disruptive aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic is so far spread everywhere. Not a single soul is unaware of its dire effect. Because lives have come to a halt, making plans to explore and travel places are not easy. But if you do make plans to take a break in this pandemic outbreak, you need to make sure you and your family stay safe and smart through all the risks of infection. Here is the list of 5 travel essentials you can carry for safe travel during COVID-19

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side view of a gray Toyota bZ4X

Introducing the Toyota bZ4X BEV: Toyota’s All-New All-Electric SUV Concept

See Now: Pictures of the All-New All-Electric Toyota bZ4X BEV Concept

The rest of the automotive industry may finally be catching up, but everyone will always remember that Toyota was – and continues to be – at the forefront of the electric vehicle movement. And if anyone needs a reminder of just how true that is, Toyota has provided it with the unveiling of the all-new, all-electric Toyota bZ4X BEV concept SUV. As part of Toyota’s promise to expand its electric vehicle portfolio to approximately 70 models by 2025 and create a portfolio that’s completely carbon neutral by 2050, the Toyota bZ4X BEV concept SUV shows just how committed Toyota is to those promises. But since little is known about the Toyota bZ4X BEV concept SUV and the electric vehicles that will follow, we’re going to kick things off here by checking out just how stylish the Toyota bZ4X BEV is.

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