2016 Toyota Sequoia VS 2016 Toyota 4Runner
5.7L i-Force V8 DOHC VVT-i Engine 4.0L V6 DOHC VVT-i
7400 pounds Max. Towing Capacity 5000 pounds
120 cubic feet Max. Cargo Capacity 89 cubic feet
7-8 Seating Capacity 5-7

2016 Toyota Sequoia vs 2016 Toyota 4Runner

2016 Toyota Sequoia in black

For our comparisons, we typically analyze a Toyota vehicle and a similar model from a different brand. This time, we thought we would compare 2 popular Toyota SUVs. The 2016 Toyota SUV lineup features 5 different vehicles that offer variations in size and power. We love them all the same, but we want our customers to be confident in their choice when they pick one out. Two of our larger models are the 2016 Toyota Sequoia and 2016 Toyota 4Runner. They are both great SUV options, but one driver may find that one of these models would suit their needs a little more closely. Let us share a comparison between these beloved Toyota models!

When it comes to size, the full size 2016 Toyota Sequoia is over a foot longer than the midsize 2016 Toyota 4Runner. With that extra length, the 2016 Sequoia is able to fit up to 7 or 8 passengers, or a maximum of 120 cubic feet of cargo. While smaller, the 2016 4Runner can still very comfortably seat 5 to 7 passengers or 89 cubic feet (maximum) of gear.

Both SUVs Offer Heavy Duty Towing Power

With its 4.0L V6 DOHC VVT-i, the 2016 Toyota 4Runner is able to deliver 270 horsepower and a maximum towing capacity of 5000 pounds. This is perfect for pulling boats or a trailer with supplies for a big landscaping project. Drivers of the 2016 4Runner will experience an estimated fuel economy of 17 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway. In addition to heavy engine power, the 2016 4Runner can be equipped with 4-wheel drive for off-road adventures.

For even heavier power, the 2016 Toyota Sequoia is equipped with a 381 horsepower 5.7L i-Force V8 DOHC VVT-i engine that can tow up to 7400 pounds. With the 2016 Sequoia, drivers can pull even bigger boats or a trailer containing large livestock. An estimated fuel economy of 13 mpg in the city and 17 mpg on the highway can be expected with the 2016 Sequoia. Like the 2016 4Runner, the 2016 Sequoia can be equipped with 4-wheel drive.

Like we said, we love the 2016 Toyota Sequoia and 2016 Toyota 4Runner the same, but we understand that one may work better for you over the other. We recommend test driving both models to find out which one suits your needs. For more information regarding the 2016 Toyota Sequoia vs 2016 Toyota 4Runner, please contact a Royal South Toyota sales professional.

2016 Toyota 4Runners on the trail